Our Clients


 At QHSEMS we pride ourselves on not being limited to a singular industry. While we have most of our experience in upstream oil and gas we are not limited to it. Our Managing Members and Consultants have experience in a variety of industries. 

We can work with anyone:

  • Alternative and Renewable Energy Companies
  • Major Oil and Gas Companies (upstream, midstream and downstream)
  • •Drilling Contractors
  • •Insurance Underwriters
  • •Government Department
  • •Offshore Contractors
  • •Shipyards and Fabrication Yards
  • •Engineering Companies

Partners and Collaboration


At QHSEMS we do not pretend to be subject matter experts outside of our areas of expertise. However we are experts at identifying the resources that we do not provide.

We have made strategic alliances with companies in multiple nations that can facilitate the delivery of our service line. Concurrently we also have access to their services lines for our clients if required.

We have partnerships with:

  • Other Risk Management Consultancies
  • Rig Survey Companies
  • Marine Survey Companies
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Information Security Companies
  • Web Based Management Systems Developers

Our Beginning


QHSEMS originally started in 2015 as HSE MS, LLC by Brady Austin (President). In 2019 Lloyds Register Drilling Integrity Services restructured and no longer internally maintains the QHSET service line. Shawn Kearney (CEO) and Brady decided to team up and continue to offer these services as QHSEMS, LLC. Shawn and Brady had worked together with Lloyd's Register since 2014. In 2019 QHSEMS brought on-board Sara Resetar as a Business Strategy Manager and Legal Council.

QHSEMS assists clients and partners achieve economic and predictable project results. QHSEMS provides expert execution advice and planning, based on real project experience globally.

The Management Team

Brady Austin, President


Brady Austin is the original founder of QHSEMS, llc. His 3rd generation career in the Oil & Gas industry started out as entry level boot on the ground in offshore / onshore oil & gas operations relating to production, SIMOPS & drilling. After achieving managerial roles in large scale projects, he discovered that internal compliance (incl. regulatory) was an objective that most organizations struggled with & he would specialize in that area. His regulatory knowledge became a go to for organizations. Following Macando, he was hired on with what is now BSEE to perform regulatory inspections, train inspectors & develop inspection tools. After gaining insight into both BSEE & USCG internal workings, he thought to apply that experience to again better serve the clients. Since departing the regulator, he applies the full wealth of knowledge from almost 30 years of experience to specialize in organizational effectiveness through sustainable solution(s) management system continual improvement and competency assurance to bring value add opportunities to clients.

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Shawn Kearney, CEO

Veteran, Medical, Medic, Navy, Occupational Safety, Health, Organizational Leadership, Offshore

Shawn Kearney is the newest managing member to the QHSEMS, LLC Management Team. He graduated with cum laude honors earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupation Safety and Health as well as a Master Degree in Organizational Leadership. Prior to earning those degrees, Shawn graduated from assorted technical and engineering trade schools during his professional career in the United States Navy. Upon earning a honorable discharge, Shawn immediately transitioned into the global Energy Industries. Shawn has gained vast offshore and onshore field experience while excelling in the corporate office environment where he has worked towards strategic solutions for the client to ensure objectives met. With over twenty years’ experience in the QHSET profession, Shawn has an outstanding track record of exceeding expected deliverables on time and on budget. Shawn knows how to listen to the client needs and determine the industry best practices that can be applied and how they can effectively and efficiently be applied.

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Sara Resetar, Legal Council and Business Strategy

Sara Resetar, Attorney, Legal, Member, Counsel, Columbia

 Sara Resetar graduated from the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law and Villanova University School of Business in 2016. In addition to receiving her Juris Doctorate (JD) from Villanova University, Sara also received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with honors and a special concentration in strategic management. Sara has previously worked as an agent for high profile personalities, as well as an advisor for several start-ups and established businesses on the US East and West Coasts. Sara has been able to formulate her abilities as a prudent risk-taker and practical visionary. She is forward thinking and has progressive and innovative methods to apply to the business. Sara's contributions to the QHSEMS business development have been strategic and had a very positive impact. 

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Values, Mission, Vision


Our Values


QHSEMS, LLC will apply its wealth of competence in related industry best practices, regulatory expertise, experience and operational excellence in varying levels of support to improve quality, health, safety and environmental compliance resulting in positive public perception of your organization and industry

We can only do this with our un-corruptible value system:

We will always do what is right all the time. 

We will continuously learn and improve. 

We will value diversity and people first. 

We will create and support sustainable growth for all. 

We will used risk based thinking in everything we do. 

We will used a process approach and remain unbiased.  


Our Mission


Our Mission is to bring our clients bona fide QHSET professionals to perform QHSET services to offshore and/or onshore facilities. We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations with innovation, quality assurance, environmental stewardship, walk the talk safety practices, and customized training services for their safe operations globally 24/7/365. We assist clients and partners achieve economically predictable project results. QHSEMS provides expert execution, advice and planning, based on real project experience.

How do we do it?

  • We do this by providing value added, cost-effective, independent third-party services to the energy sectors which includes the highest quality professional staffing and technical solution specialists domestically and internationally. 
  • Together with our consultants, we maintain a centralized QHSE & Business Management System in order to provide a consistent, high-quality service each and every time. 
  • By pooling our resources and working together, we are able to nominate the right consultant for the right project, all while keeping cost down which ultimately gets passed to the end client.  


Our Vision


We envision fit for purpose QHSET services should be delivered by QHSET professionals designed by actual QHSET specialist providers. We will demonstrate that QHSET consulting is a stand alone profession with a specific skill set developed only by one who practices in this specialty. This is what sets us apart. We will be a service provider who stays within our specialty. While HSE is everyone's responsibility, everyone is not a QHSE professional.

We want organizations to manage risk by using fit for purpose services designed by subject matter experts for the best outcome achievable.